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NEW! Welcome Heart Food for Body and Soul 2017 Calendar – $10.99 plus S/H



Welcome Heart Food for Body and Soul 2017 Calendar offers recipes, Scripture verses and hospitality tips to help us become women of welcome. God invited us to Himself, and we get to pass on the invitation. Enjoy monthly encouragement to open our homes and hearts for the sake of Jesus with joy, confidence and ease.

Happy Hosting (for Heaven’s Sake!) Sue Moore Donaldson

Ordering Information:

  • 2017 Wall Calendar
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 8.5″ folded/11″ x 17″ open
  • Includes hole for hanging



Sisterhood of the Traveling Pillows: Journal and Sachet Pillow – $20.00 + S/H

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pillows

Cultivating Contentment and Gratitude One Pillow at a Time!

Last November, I found some great pillows inscribed with the words:

Give Thanks

I loved them! So whimsical, so orange (leftover from Thanksgiving decor)–such a good reminder – we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

So, I sat down and listed 10 things off the top of my head for which I was thankful and sent the pillows and list off to my friend, Kathy Vick in Portland, Oregon. I said, “Kathy, let’s start the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pillows! You keep these pillows as long as you want, then make a list of your “thankful’s” and then send the pillows and your list (and mine) off to a friend–maybe a friend who is already thankful – or, who could be, if reminded.”

She loved it! She added a journal and off they went – not sure where…

To keep the Sisterhood moving, I found a dear young woman in Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin who makes sachet pillows – beautifully – and she agreed to customize our “Give Thanks” pillows in a smaller fashion – easier to mail, after all. And, she scents them – when we are thankful, we “smell better” – don’t you think?  To learn more about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pillows, click here.

Ordering Information:

  • Pillow dimensions: 4.5″ x 5.5″
  • Journal is wrapped with pillow and includes directions for “sending gratefulness” from sister-to-sister
  • Please allow 2 weeks for order.
  • Please specify scented or unscented when submitting your order




Come to My Table – God’s Hospitality and  Yours – $12.00 plus S/H

“Why aren’t we hospitable (when we aren’t?)” We’re fooled into thinking we need to be perfect before opening our door.  We work hard to perfect our homes, our table, our food – even our spouses and children (good luck with that!) When we figure out we aren’t perfect in any one area – or all — we give up and leave hosting to those who exude confident social skills and flawless homes.

Why invite? Because God invited first. He said: “Come on in, you are welcome here. I made you to know Me. You can know me best at My table.”



Come to My Table explores the “gospel of hospitality,” and gives practical tips to encourage the most hesitant host. Recipes and pantry ideas included, as well as 25 theme party ideas and 60 tried and true tips for the truly tired.

Does God want the whole world in your living room? Probably not.  But He does want you to invite. Who in your world has not seen your kitchen sink? It’s time. Trust Him for the courage to be His welcome.

Order here:   Come to My Table: God’s Hospitality and Yours  $12.00 plus shipping/handling

Also available at The Parable bookstore:  (805) 543-6146

Read Sara Sterley’s review on Englewood Book Reviews here.




Hospitality 101: Lessons From the Ultimate Host–A 12-Week Bible Study 

$10.00 (Free shipping on orders over $35.00)

Available NOW! Start the new year right with a look at God’s hospitality to us and how to get started in passing on His welcoming heart to another. Why do hospitality? To show God’s welcoming heart. Get started today, ask a friend to join you or use for your next church study.

Hospitality Bible Study

You may have a love-hate relationship with Hospitality. You love the idea, but you hate the thought of doing it. Perhaps you didn’t grow up in a hospitable home or you don’t like to cook or you don’t think anyone really wants to be invited over. Confident or not, polished or hesitant—we all can learn lessons from the Ultimate Host.


Hospitality began with God. He invites you to know Him personally, and once you do—He asks you to extend His invitation to your world.


Will you do that?

Will you accept that two-fold invitation?

First, to become His.

Second, to be His welcome to your world.

Hospitality 101 takes us to the source of true hospitality–God’s welcoming heart. I almost called this study: The Platter Series–as in, serving up God’s invitation on a platter (I do love platters. I need a moratorium on buying more platters. They make serving more fun. I may need to go buy another one in honor of this new book.) In each chapter we’ll look at God’s Hospitality on a Platter; then, we get the opportunity to RSVP to His open-arms invitation. The final section includes ideas and tips and ultimately a challenge to Pass on the Platter of His welcome to a new friend or two in our own homes that very week (recipes included just in case you like new recipes.)

Order here.

Also available at The Parable bookstore: (805) 543-6146