Author/Speaker Sue Moore Donaldson, would love to speak at your next event!

Sue Moore Donaldson speaks to connect women to the welcoming heart of God and to each other. Sue’s invitation to a deeper life with God is combined with the biblical challenge to be a woman who welcomes, as she challenges us to invite others into our lives and homes (for heaven’s sake!) A popular retreat and conference speaker, Sue shares from her own vulnerability—“a work in progress or a piece of work – depending on the day” as she likes to say, and audiences connect to her authentic approach to God’s Word spoken with grace and humor.

Sue’s style is so comfortable–she’s like a good friend sitting in your living room encouraging you with God’s word and coffee cake! She’s a special speaker whose message lingers.

–Belinda Burton, Director of Women’s Ministry – Cornerstone Church, Long Beach, CA

Note from Sue: “I so love how God works His timing and message to combine these talks with His audiences. It really is all about Him, and that’s a good thing – no, a great thing! If these talks aren’t exactly what your group is looking for, let’s talk! And if there’s enough time to tailor make something new for you, He will make it happen.”


Retreat Series Topics 

The seven retreat series can be modified to fit your scheduling needs. Each include outlines, small group discussion questions, and four weeks of email follow-up pages to encourage individual and community spiritual growth. Sue is willing to fit the theme and needs of your group depending on the time allotted and God’s leading.

  • GROWING SOMETHING BESIDES OLD – Seasoning Our Lives to Perfection
  • “HANGETH THOU IN THERE” – Finding Strength for the Journey
  • JOY AND FAITH – Two Peas in a Pod
  • RECIPES FOR LIFE – Four Courses to Know God Better
  • REMODELING 101 -Building a Heart Like His
  • ROAD TRIP WITH GOD – Embrace the Journey
  • THE WELCOMING HEART OF GOD – Invitations from the Ultimate Host

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Keynote Topics and Workshops

  • CONTENTMENT IN A WORLD OF MORE –God wants us to be content to prove His goodness and power. How do we cultivate a heart of contentment that brings Him glory and delight?
  • GROWING SOMETHING BESIDES OLD – Marks of a Maturing Believer
    Developing holiness is a lifetime process, but it’s one we all need to be on! Growing in Jesus is a privilege and a partnership between our passion for God and His work in our lives.
  • GOD’S HOSPITALITY — Hosting Like the Ultimate Host
    Hospitality is God’s idea – not Martha’s – and He loves it when we invite others to our table, whether a picnic on the floor or hamburgers in the back yard. Explore God’s hospitality and how we can engage in showing His welcome to the world.
  • A MOTHER’S LEGACY – What to Pass on (While not passing out!)
    Parenting is the biggest adventure of faith – and the most challenging! Much of what happens is out of our control, but we do have control over what we pass on to our children: tools to help them live out their own adventure of faith.
  • THE FRIENDSHIP CONNECTION – Women encouraging women is how God shows His love to us and to the world. Steps on how to build gospel-community starting today.
  • WHY AM I HERE? – God’s Call on my Life
    Living as God intends is the most exciting life because we are called to trust His purpose and plan for our lives. Taking risks for His sake is really no risk as depend on Him.
  • RETREATING WITH GOD – God’s Presence, My Strength
    Oswald Chambers said, “My worth to God in public what I am in private.” Gaining strength for our daily journey comes from digging deep with God, consistently and intimately, with the ultimate goal to know Him better and love Him more.
  • THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS: What Jesus Wants for Christmas
    God chose the perfect gift for each of us and He didn’t need help from Nordstrom or Sears catalog. The Christmas season busyness can make even good activities be counter productive to what God really wants to accomplish in and through us. It helps to ask God what He wants –to do the one or two things that would showHis love best.
  • A CUP OF JOY –Undercurrents of God’s Grace
    To be a joyful woman, we need to understand that joy and happiness are not the same. In fact, if you’re not happy, it’s really no big deal! Joy is not a personality trait. It comes from the Perfect Joy-Giver, God Himself.
  • NO ORDINARY HOME – God’s Dream House for You
    Wisdom, understanding and knowledge top the list for the best building materials for our “Dream Home.” When we focus on these, we can’t help but create a home filled with treasures designed by the Ultimate Decorator.
  • STRESS RELIEF – Women Encouraging Women
    We all have stress and one of God’s best resources is His children: believers building up other believers, with the common goal of nurture, emotional healing, and becoming a bridge to Christ.
  • REMODELING 101: God’s Redesign for Your Life
    Lessons learned from a three-year remodel easily translate into homespun wisdom on how God may want to tear down, rebuild, and redesign our lives for His pleasure and purpose – even it means going down to the studs!
  • TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF–Goal Setting for Holy Hearts
    God is in the business of fresh starts. He likes the word “new.” and He loves it when we decide it’s time to “turn over a new leaf.” He even knows the leaves that we need turning over the most. And, He’s our biggest cheerleader while we do it.

*Click here for expanded view of Retreat Series, Keynote Topics and Workshops

If I had to name the top three character qualities that describe Sue they are: humility, wisdom and humor. Sue knows her Bible and speaks from a heart that desires to know her God, and share His love with others. Her passion for hospitality, and using whatever the means at hand to open your home to others, has had an effect on our women. There are women stepping out to host an event, or just invite a friend in, no matter the state of their home. Sue is a speaker of integrity, in that whatever the topic she reveals her own struggles and triumphs relating to the subject matter.

I highly recommend Sue as a speaker and look forward to having her back with us in the near future!

–Emily Head, Director of Women’s Ministry, Canyon Creek Church, San Ramon, CA


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