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Sue Moore Donaldson
Phone: 805-471-8271

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Winter/Spring Speaking Schedule 2016

January 30 “Connect the Dots” Conference Grace Bible–Arroyo Grande, CA

February 16 MOPS, Paso Robles, CA

March 4-6 Women’s Retreat, Canyon Creek Community, Santa Cruz, CA

March 12 “NW Ministry Conference”, Overlake Christian Church-Redmond, WA

April 8-10 Women’s Retreat, Redwood Christian Park–Santa Cruz, CA

April 23 Highlands Church, Paso Robles, CA – “Lovely Conference”

April 26 MOPS, San Clemente, CA

May 13 MOPS, Mission Viejo, CA

October 14-16 Alpine Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead, CA –Women’s Retreat

October 21-23, First Presbyterian, Fresno – Advent Christian Camp-Santa Cruz, CA

Winter/Spring 2017

March 2,  2017 Corban University, Salem, OR

March 10-12, 2017, Coast Bible Church, San Juan Capistrano–Carlsbad, CA

April 28-30, 2017 Crossway Fellowship, Lynnwood, WA–Country Inn, LaConner, WA

May 5-7, 2017 Warm Beach Conference Center, Seattle, WA Women’s Retreat

October 19-21, 2017 Madera Baptist Church Area Retreat, Hartland Christian Camp, Badger, CA




Sue Moore Donaldson has blessed the women at Cornerstone Church twice – at a Spring luncheon and again as our weekend retreat speaker (we wanted more!) She encouraged us to mirror Jesus through hospitality and was so effective that some of us started a 2nd Saturday ministry where we randomly invite people at church home for dinner to get to know one another better. Sue’s style is so comfortable–she’s like a good friend sitting in your living room encouraging you with God’s word and coffee cake! She’s a special speaker whose message lingers.

–Belinda Burton, Director of Women’s Ministry – Cornerstone Church, Long Beach, CA


Sue Moore Donaldson has spoken at several of our women events at Canyon Creek Church in San Ramon. The first time was at our annual weekend women’s retreat and she was so well-liked we scheduled her in for the following year at our mini-retreat. As coordinator of Women’s Ministries, I had the pleasure of chatting and meeting with Sue as each event was in the planning mode. What a treat for me to experience her wisdom and humor before the actual event even started! Whether on the phone or sitting in her home-under-construction, eating delicious scones and coffee, I was fulfilled spiritually…and tummy-wise.

If I had to name the top three character qualities that describe Sue they are: humility, wisdom and humor. Sue knows her Bible and speaks from a heart that desires to know her God, and share His love with others. Her passion for hospitality, and using whatever the means at hand to open your home to others, has had an effect on our women. There are women stepping out to host an event, or just invite a friend in, no matter the state of their home. Sue is a speaker of integrity, in that whatever the topic she reveals her own struggles and triumphs relating to the subject matter.

I highly recommend Sue as a speaker and look forward to having her back with us in the near future!

    –Emily Head, Director of Women’s Ministry, Canyon Creek Church, San Ramon, CA


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About Sue’s family

Sue married Mark Donaldson at the ripe old age of 35 – a late bloomer, but glad to have found the Man-in-Plaid. Mark’s an Internist by day and a Mr. Fix-it/Home Remoldeler by night and weekends. (Remodeling for 10 years and still married. A good sign.)






They have three beautiful girls that keep them on their knees and at the bank…




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About Welcome Heart

Hello! Did you get the invitation?

God invites you into deep soul relationship – the kind you were meant for. Why? Because He loves you. You’re on the Guest List.

WelcomeHeart exists to remind you of God’s Inviting Heart. And it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve RSVP’d –once you’ve said, “I’m in, Lord” — WH seeks to encourage and equip you to invite another. God loves using your table to extend His welcome.

I’ve seen what God can do with a simple invitation:

“Would you like to come over? We’re not formal. Of course you can bring the kids. Please come. You’re welcome here.”

And God will do the rest. Join me in accepting God’s invitation to know Him better and deeper, and passing it around through your heart and home. It’s not About me (or You) – it’s about His Welcome Heart.



About Sue’s book: Come to My Table: God’s Hospitality and Yours


Come to My Table

Order it here.


About Sue Moore Donaldson

Christian Women’s Speaker, Bible Teacher, Workshop Leader

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As a Retreat Speaker, Bible teacher, or workshop leader, Sue loves sharing who God is with whoever comes her way. For her, intentional hospitality for the sake of Jesus is a joy and a privilege, and she knows it can be learned! Sue has a deep desire to encourage others to find the reality and joy of knowing God through his Word –and that can happen at any kitchen table or back porch.

Sue and her husband Mark reside in San Luis Obispo, California with their three daughters, Bonnie Sue, Bethany and their “surprise” treat at almost 44, Mary Grace.

They fellowship at Grace Church where Sue teaches women’s Bible Studies, coordinates Central Coast outreach events and speaks at Women’s Retreats.

Sue was raised in Southern California by two wonderful Christian parents. She graduated from Los Angeles Baptist College (now The Master’s College) with a B.A. in Literature and earned a Masters of Arts in Human Resource Development from Azusa Pacific College.

A self-confessed “late-bloomer,” Sue led a full single life as a high school teacher and as a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators, including two years in Brazil and six months in Papua New Guinea. God used these experiences to develop her love for Him and for people who needed to know Him personally.

From the “jungle” of a high school classroom to the Amazon, one would hope to gather enough experience for being a wife and mom. But Sue would be quick to admit that nothing quite prepares one for the challenges and exhaustion, joys and tears that come with marriage and family.

Sue loves to fill her home and kitchen with friends or strangers for the sake of Jesus. He invited first. We get to extend the invitation.




Sue Moore Donaldson effectively communicates God’s Word, clearly conveying her knowledge of the Bible and spiritual insights. Using real-to-life, practical examples and humor, she applies the Bible to the lives of real women trying to live Christian lives in today’s world. Most importantly, it is evident that Sue is sharing insights that stem from her own daily walk with her living Lord. Listening to Sue encourages and challenges other women to grow in their own faith and love for Jesus.

—Allie Cleath

Sue has the right mixture of humor and thought-provoking information. She challenged me to be in the Word and to continue looking upward towards Christ. She shared with us her “retreat in a basket”, which I was doing on a pseudo basis, but since then went out and found just the right bag and I literally take it everywhere. Thanks Sue for the insight and helpful tips.
–Catherine Cramp


If someone were to ask me to describe my friend Sue, I would have to decide which facet, like a precious gem, to share. Do I tell you about her bubbly personality, her ability to attract others, or her generosity of her home and her time? God has blessed Sue as she reaches out on a consistent basis because she realizes that each day brings endless opportunities to reflect His love to those she encounters. I thank God for the impact she has had on my life. Knowing her makes me even more excited about heaven…what a party will be had there!
–Bonnie Masten

It is with great honor and joy that I get to brag on my friend Sue Donaldson.  The words honor and joy are words that were chosen with care and consideration as both of them reflect components of God’s character in Sue.  David is spoken of in God’s word as, “…a man after God’s own heart.”  The same phrase could be used to describe Sue.  Through all the ups, downs and spirals that come her way she truly seeks to honor the Lord in all she does and says.  Truly desiring and purposefully striving to be a woman after God’s own heart.

Sue is gifted in writing, teaching, and seeking those who are lost or worn down in their faith.  She is also gifted in hospitality and lives the word of the scriptures in opening her home to many who are seeking a refuge.  Sue has the ability to take a hurting individual give them deep care and encouragement in Christ.  Her wit and humor bring about great joy in those who experience her warmth and charity.

Sue knows where her strength, personal grace and mercy come from.  They come from the creator of Heaven and Earth.  She is never at a loss, even in her most vulnerable moments, to remind those around her what her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has done for her.  All who have opportunity to hear her proclaim Christ and the teaching of God’s word will benefit in their personal walk and knowledge of the Lord.
–Missy Grant, Director of Women’s Bible Study, Grace Church- SLO,CA



A Midwest pastor’s wife says, “Sue presents a crucial aspect of Christian living with honesty and wit. I have been encouraged by her down to earth applications and ideas that have helped me to shed my inhibitions (?!?) and go out there and show some hospitality.”
–Lori Payton

It’s my pleasure to commend Sue Donaldson to you! Sue is an excellent and accurate Biblical teacher. She studies hard and takes the text seriously. It’s obvious she believes in the power of God’s Word to change lives. She’s real, engaging, interesting, clear and downright funny. She aims to make her hearers both think, feel and act. Our women here at Grace Church, San Luis Obispo are always eager to hear Sue open God’s Word. I guarantee you’ll be challenged and built-up by Sue’s content and style.
–Pastor Tim Theule, Grace Church, San Luis Obispo, CA


I attended the women’s retreat last year and enjoyed listening to Sue Donaldson.  I connected with her in many ways, as I love to cook and enjoy entertaining.  I laughed when she spoke of her husband and his stacks of map books and his ongoing projects, as I am married to an engineer who has many map books and loves to tinker.

Sue spoke of opening our homes to others and being hospitable.  She mentioned having others over in the midst of her husband’s kitchen project that was ongoing for years.  I remember feeling as though she was talking directly to me.  I had put off entertaining because things weren’t perfect!  We moved into our home 3 ½ years ago and we still need to paint, work on the backyard etc.  Between my husband’s travels and kids these things are still ongoing projects.  “Things are not perfect”.

I purchased Sue’s book Come to My Table and was comforted by her words:

“The Ultimate Host called you and me before we were born.  He said, ”Come on in, you are welcome here.  I made you to know Me.  You can know me best at My table.

“His call is personal… Because God welcomed us, we must pass that welcome on to others.”

I have since invited neighbors to my home  as well as hosted a “Bunco/Tapas” night with women from our dinner group here at church.  Through Sue’s inspiration I learned that God loves our obedience rather than our perfectionism.  Thank you Sue!

Karie Edwards, San Ramon, CA



City: San Luis Obispo

Experience Level: 40+ events

Denomination: Any Evangelical Denominations, Baptist, Bible

Event Type: Keynotes, Workshops, Mother-Daughter Events, Weekend Retreats

Travel Preference: Flexible

Ideal Event/Situation: I prefer retreat weekends, speaking 3 to 4 times on a theme. See my retreat series here. I also do one event speaking for Christmas, Mother – Daughter occasions. Workshops work great for hospitality/evangelism topics.

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